UNSCENTED Diaper Rash Formula Baby Powder


kuschelweich - adj. fluffy, soft, cuddly...

This gentle and all natural powder is formulated with your little one's delicate skin in mind. Our thoughtfully formulated ingredients help to ensure that your baby's skin remains smooth and dry, while soothing minor irritations in the process. Lovingly crafted without the use of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, and is talc free. We're also proud that it is vegan and cruelty free. 


Zinc Oxide - Our zinc oxide is non nano, meaning it is not micronized (or so small) that it will penetrate the blood stream. Nano / micronized zinc oxide is small enough to enter the bloodstream via the cellular layers of the skin. We wouldn't want that! Zinc is a powdered mineral that sits on top of the skin. Zinc oxide is the metal zinc that has been oxidized. It can occur naturally as the mineral zincite. Because bacteria has a hard time living in an environment with zinc oxide, this ingredient works in an antibacterial sense in our baby powder. For this reason it can also have deodorizing properties. 

Arrowroot Powder - A natural root starch powder derived from the South American plant Maranta Arundinacea. The plant was given the name “Arrowroot” as it was once used to treat those injured with wounds from poisoned arrows. In our powder, it provides a softening and smoothing effect, as well as moisture absorbing, drying properties for your little one's tush! We prefer arrowroot to cornstarch, because cornstarch is highly processed and difficult to source in non-GMO varieties. Also, it can possibly cause proliferation in yeast conditions "Do not use corn starch on your baby's bottom. It can make a candida diaper rash worse." - New York Times Health Guide; Reference: Krol A, Krafchik B. Diaper area eruptions. In: Eichenfield LF, Frieden IJ, Esterly NB. Neonatal Dermatology . 2nd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Elsevier Saunders; 2008:chap 16.

Tapioca Starch - This isn't your typical grocery store tapioca! We use a bath powder quality tapioca starch that has been processed in a natural way that changes the formation of the starch to be incredibly lightweight, fluffy and airy. It contains huge air pockets that allow for easy absorption of moisture and oils. As a standalone ingredient, the soft skin feel is to die for! 


*Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder, Kaolinite (White Clay), §Zinc Oxide, Tapioca Starch

*Certified Organic / Certifié Biologique

§ Non Nano


Apply powder to dry skin. Carefully shake powder into
diaper, into the hand, or close to baby’s body away from baby’s face.
Apply liberally, as often as necessary.