January 15, 2019 1 min read

Tinosan SDC, aka Silverion 2400, Silver Citrate (and) Citric Acid, is a full spectrum preservative that is considered by some to be a fully "natural" alternative to other conventional preservatives. The silver components work by breaking down the cell membrane of the bacteria and denaturing its enzymes, thereby killing the bacterium cell. Silver citrate is the salt of ionic silver and citric acid. In the presence of citric acid, it is water soluble. It is an incredibly strong antimicrobial, however, because it is full spectrum and incredibly potent, it cannot differentiate between the "good" bacteria and "bad" bacteria.

Here are the risks we aren't too pleased about: 

  • Dissolved ionic silver is the most biologically active form of silver, and is highly toxic to all living cells.
  • It is incredibly bio-accumulative, which is a HUGE natural "no no". 
  • Downstream it sticks to fish gills, keeping them from breathing. 
  • Contributes to antibiotic resistance.
  • Silver ions were found to accumulate in the brains and testes of lab mice.
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