Introducing our signature line of skincare, featuring:
that contains honey from the island of Ikaria, Greece.
Ikaria is a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea, and is one of only 5 areas in the world designated as a blue zone by Blue Zones, LLC: an area in the world where the majority of the population live beyond 90 years, and many over 100 years of age, in health and happiness. Historical references of life on the island are found as early as 7000 years ago. Much of the inhabitants still practice a lifestyle reminiscent of their ancestors, and their quality of life contributes to their optimal health and longevity statistics. According to an AARP article written by Dan Buettner in 2009, there are 20 percent fewer cases of cancer, 50 percent lower rates of heart disease, one-ninth the rate of diabetes and virtually no dementia or Alzheimer’s in blue zone areas, compared to rates for the same diseases in North America. A study conducted by the Medical School of The University of Athens and published in the ‘Cardiology Research and Practice Journal’ and called ‘Sociodemographic and Lifestyle Statistics of Oldest Old People (>80) Living in Ikaria Island: The Ikaria Study’, article ID 679187 (2011) found that four times more Ikarians were likely to reach the age of 90 than North Americans. 
 Slightly isolated, this island boasts longevity and the secret to superb health. It is primarily mountainous, and lacks flat areas suitable for cultivation. As a result, there are no agricultural fields or production to dilute the local vegetation, nor introduce pesticides, or herbicides that are normally found in commercial farming. Further to this, the indigenous bees of the island feed off plants, bushes, and trees that are free of industrial pollutants and their side effects.
 The result is 100% pure, organic honey.
 ​As an island surrounded by the bluest of waters, life is celebrated each day on Ikaria, blessed with the company of friends and family at Mediterranean dinners that are complimented by the richest and highest polyphenol wines, fresh fish, garden vegetables, fruits, homemade pecorino or goat milk cheese and lots of laughter. Walking on trails to their agricultural fields where they tend to plants and animals, provides a pure air exercise in sharp contrast to the mirrored and chrome plated austerity of a city gym. Wrists are not adorned with watches, ‘after noon’ may include a nap, and the day may finish off or begin with the liquor of Greek coffee and a large helping of Ikarian honey which is used by the islanders not only in their coffees or spread on a slice of wholesome bread, but as an antiseptic wound healer. 
 That’s where our interest in Ikaria honey begins as manufacturers of high quality organic skin care products.
 ​Since the time of Homer, Ikaria has been known as the ‘healing island’. Commercial agriculture is not possible due to the terrain, and the indigenous bees enjoy the plants, bushes and trees that have never been exposed to chemicals or the maintenance of farmers. There is no industrialization either so pollution is non-existent. The honey then, is 100% free of the chemicals including the neonicotinoids (neonics) that are now present in most honey. 
The benefits of honey as a healing agent have been known for years and so we incorporate the best honey we could find: the cleanest honey from an island where people live beyond 100 years of age. How’s that for rejuvenation!
 The honey we use for our Signature skin moisturizer Skin Salvation Therapy Cream ‘Blu Mel’, our LUSS Gel-to- milk cleansing serum and or SUPER NUTRIENT Face Cream  comes from a variety of the island’s wild, self-sown plants that hold multiple health and youth restoring benefits: White Heather Tree, Greek Strawberry Tree, Wild Lavender, Akoniza, Pine tree, Thyme and Wild Oregano. Pine has one of the highest anti-oxidant levels of any plant in the world and the Greek Strawberry tree is high in bioflavonoids and vitamin E: all nutrient quenching benefits when this honey based cream is used on your skin. Compared to honey of the Manuka tree, this product is second to none. 
 Since there is no industrialization or commercial farming on the island, the pollen, nectar and honey from the island are free from chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Most honey from around the world now contains several strains of neonicotinoids, a chemical that threatens the life of the world’s bee population. ‘Neonics’ have also been detected in plant pollen, plant nectar and ultimately, the honey originating from other countries. 
Activate your anti-aging skin regime with the delicate blend of restorative essential oils, exotic oils and butters, rosehip, and the healing power of pure honey from Ikaria. Restoring the moisture of your skin prevents aging, and the balance of butters, oils, rosehip and honey are absorbed directly for immediate and visible results.
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