The beauty and skincare world's best kept secret! Abyssinian oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the Abyssinian Lily, which is from the mustard family. It carries unique properties and a molecular structure not found in any other natural oils. It is a clear and light oil that is nearly odourless, save for a slightly sweet and very pleasant scent. It absorbs quickly, leaving very little oily after feel on the skin. Abyssinian oil contains an abundance of fatty acids, including both Linoleic and Linolenic Acids. Linoleic Acid, an Omega 6 fatty acid, is amazing for skin and hair regeneration, while Linolenic Acid, an Omega 3, is anti-inflammatory, skin softening and conditioning.


100% Abyssinian Oil


Apply a few drops to face and neck, in the morning and in the evening. Gently massage in a circular motion. Absorbs best when skin is moist, after bathing.