One of the newest 'super food' oils of the skincare world. Exceptionally high in Omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as antioxidant vitamins E and A. It's average essential fatty acid complex is around 93%, and about 36% of that is linoleic acid... compare that to coconut oil at 10%, and avocado at 1-2%, and you can start to understand just how super this oil really is! The other reason we're so excited about this oil, is the unique make up of it's essential fatty acid matrix. Most oils have more omega 6 than omega 3. Take for instance safflower oil; it has on average 80% linoleic (omega 6) acid, which is around 530x the amount of omega 3 in that oil. Evening primrose, again quite high in omega 6 at 73%, is 912x the amount it carries of omega 3. Sacha Inchi is so incredibly unique in that it has roughly 48% omega 3, and only 36% omega 6, making this a truly exceptional oil. It is a clear, light yellow liquid that absorbs fast without leaving an oily residue. It has a mild nutty aroma, consistant with many nut oils, which is indicative of purity, and not rancidity, as some may believe. We strongly believe that this is an oil that you may not be able to live without!


100% Organic Sacha Inchi Oil


Apply a few drops to face and neck, in the morning and in the evening. Gently massage in a circular motion. Absorbs best when skin is moist, after bathing.